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 Guidance & Resources 

Where to start? 
When it comes to a time we are unable to continue living at home without support many of us will be unfamiliar with what support is actually available to us and indeed even where to start. For example, we all know there are care homes, but do we know the difference between residential and nursing care? And home care? Is there even an option to remain living at home with the sort of support that is likely to be needed? Of course there is also the question surrounding how it will be funded and what to expect from the whole process. 
There is a great deal of information available in hard copy and on the internet, but this can add to the general confusion and does requires time to filter through. Our experience has meant we have links with both social and health care professionals in the Windsor, Maidenhead, Slough and Bracknell areas. Thus we can help direct you to the appropriate individual or organisation for meet your needs. For example; this could include us liaising with GPs, District Nurses, Social Workers, Occupational or Physical Therapists and Pharmacists. 

 How can we help? 

As part of our service, and even if you decide to go elsewhere to receive your care, County Care Berkshire prides itself on being able to offer advice on manoeuvring through the care process. We will help signpost you in the relevant direction using our comprehensive but local knowledge of support and services in this area. Our Guidance and resources page contains useful information and useful links to sites where more detail can be obtained. We are always happy to talk to anyone looking to try to understand more about the following and point you in the right direction: 


What to expect from home care and services on offer? 
Differences between care homes and home care? 
What services and technology are available to me to help? 
How much does it cost and what are the funding options: 
Where to go for help with planning the cost of care 
Immediate needs annuities 
Find out more about Wills and Power of Attorneys: 
How to find out more about local services and voluntary organisations in our areas: 
RWBM WEBSITE https://www3.rbwm.gov.uk/info/200117/health_and_social_care 
SLOUGH BOROUGH WEBSITE https://www.slough.gov.uk/health-and-social-care/ 


Where to go for help surrounding specific conditions such as: 
Dementia and Alzheimer’s care 
Windsor and Maidenhead: 
Brain and spinal injury: 
End of life care: 
In addition we can help you to navigate the importance of companionship, local leisure activities available as well as introduce you to relevant voluntary organisations, or day centres that may help to support you on your journey. 
We will regularly post newsletters and updates with any interesting or helpful guidance we think might be of use. 




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