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There are times in your life when you just need a bit of extra support and County Care Berkshire can lend a belong hand. We offer respite care services which can make a great deal of difference in our clients lives. 
There are a number of situations in which we can help: 
When the pressure of caring for a family member increases due to failing health, a carer can be overwhelmed with decision making, organising changes, the physical demands of caring etc. They are reluctant to have a break for fear of the situation worsening. There can sometimes also be anxiety around how well someone else can provide the care they feel is needed. 
After a medical operation, a patient needs time to recover their strength and emotional energy. They may need someone to take over household chores for a short while. Good nutrition is essential for boosting recovery. 
Falls tend to become more common with ageing, particularly if there is a decrease in physical activity. Respite care after a fall can be a perfect solution. 
Illness can leave a patient feeling vulnerable, isolated and lonely. A respite career coming in to provide light household duties, light meals and companionship can aid recovery time and build confidence. 
For those whose families live far away, having someone in for a few hours can be a lifeline. Knowing a family member is being looked after by a reliable, caring agency means they can get on with finding a longer term solution in the interim without the stress of long distance monitoring. 
Complete Care Berkshire can provide 
Light housekeeping 
Meal preparation 
If you have a situation that might require our services, please get in touch. We can work up a flexible care plan to help manage a short term dilemma.This content will be shown in the summary on the main blog page.  
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