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County Care Berkshire is an independent home care provider in Windsor supporting adults and children to remain in their own homes with dignity and confidence. 
We have a team of professionals who we chose for their caring nature so they can look after people with as much empathy as they would care for someone they love! That might sound strange way of recruiting from a corporate viewpoint, but for us it’s the most important quality we look for in our carers. Company owners Charlotte and Carolyn have put together a list of the top fifteen reasons to choose work as a carer with County Care Berkshire. 
1. It’s an incredibly rewarding job. You’re giving vulnerable people an important lifeline to stay independent. The role is to promote independence, support overall comfort and wellbeing and help people to live as independently as possible with dignity. 
2. It’s an opportunity to develop and progress your career. One of the most appealing aspects is that you do not need previous experience or qualifications when you start out. The top requirement on the job specification is the right mind-set – empathy and a caring nature are essential, the rest can be taught. 
3. Care work makes an excellent second career or part time career. There are no specific minimum qualifications as we train you to provide care. We will run an enhanced DBS check and then start you on a programme of training. 
4. Skills such as empathy, team working, communication, English, problem-solving and time management are required. You’re building relationships with clients and their families. These personal connections make the job rewarding and unique. 
5. Care workers are our frontline staff. It can be a varied job depending on the needs of the individual’s you are responsible for. Different care settings offer different challenges, for example, working with people with complex learning disability needs can be very different to caring for the elderly. 
6. No two days are the same, if you like variety, care work allows for new environments, different tasks and new clients. It’s a perfect career for those who dread the idea of a standard 9-5 job. 
7. You’ll be able to work close to where you live. Most of our employees work within 30-minutes of where they live. County Care Berkshire have a wide range of clients in the area which means that most of our carers don’t face an hour-long commute to work. 
8. If you’re looking for flexibility around other commitments, care work is ideal. Student nurses are great employees for us as they have medical background and working as a carer can give them a boost on their CV. 
9. Parents can work around childcare arrangements. We have flexible shift patterns and our clients need care around the clock, meaning there’s always a need for carers. Unlike shop or office work, you’ll be in demand throughout the day, throughout the year with no seasonal dips. 
10. Life can take you on a journey you didn’t plan for yourself. If you’ve ended up feeling lonely and isolated, care work can help you to be part of your community again. You’ll be working with local families and patients and meeting new people all the time. Helping others can help you feel better too. 
11. If you’re dreading empty-nest syndrome of your children leaving home for studying and work, care work can be a brilliant later-life career. If you have a naturally caring personality and you are concerned about the welfare of others, you are likely to do well in a caring role. 
12. You’ll be able to see the results of your hard work. Being able to see a client thrive, grow in confidence, recover their health and become more independent is a wonderful ‘thank you’ for a job well done. It will also help you appreciate the little things we all take for granted. 
13. We provide paid training for our staff, giving them the tools to provide high quality care. Other care agencies may charge their staff for this, but we consider it a worthwhile investment and a great way to show our staff that we’re committed to their successful careers. 
14. County Care Berkshire provide uniforms, mileage and travel time for staff. We want our carers to be part of a team that takes pride in the way they look. 
15. Our staff are given advice on tax breaks to make sure they are supported financially. 
So, if you’d like a varied and rewarding career, give Charlotte or Caroline a call to discuss your suitability and options. For more information on becoming a care assistant in adult social care please visit our CAREERS PAGE
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